Samara Adventure Company

Ocean Tours

Ocean Seafari 2-in-1
Activity Description

The Northern Pacific has much fame in spotting many different species of sea mammals. We will go 2 to 10 miles offshore from Samara and Carrillo beaches where one can feel the ocean breeze while gazing at the coastline scenery during our search for these playful animals.

Isla Chora Kayak & Snorkel
Activity Description

Visit Chora island is an experience that you will never forget! After picking you up at your hotel our friendly guide will take you to the south of Samara beach where the journey begins

Sunset Getaway Boat Tour
Activity Description

The sunset catamaran tour is perfect for the whole family. Our catamaran is a 32′ twin hull flat deck boat with twin Yamaha 100’s for a smooth ride.

Stand Up Paddle & Snorkeling
Activity Description

Stand up Paddle is a perfect outing for the adventure families. You will be taught on how to first kneel, and then stand up on the board, as well as the correct way to paddle.

Snorkeling Boat Tour
Activity Description

Ocean snorkeling boat tour

1:30 PM departure and 3-hour snorkel boat tour

Sport Fishing
Activity Description

Don’t miss out on an amazing fishing adventure during your stay in Playa Samara! The warm waters around our beach are known for great in-shore fishing.