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Sámara Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. It is also one of the most diverse, offering a variety of activities and atmospheres for all types of people. Whether you are traveling as a family, a couple, solo, or with a group of friends, Sámara has great options for everyone!

The beach itself is a wide arc of soft sand stretching along the coast for 4.5 miles (7 km) lined mostly with palm trees, but with no shortage of restaurants and surf schools. Relatively underdeveloped, Sámara retains the feel of a small fishing and farming village. Fishing boats hauling their catches of the day can be seen further down the beach and fresh fruits are sold daily on the streets.
Sámara beach is protected by a coral reef, resulting in little to no undercurrent, making it a very safe and relaxing beach. You do not have to worry about a riptide or huge waves knocking you over! It is an ideal beach for boogie boarding, swimming, and beginners in surfing. An island, “Isla Chora,” can be seen from the shores of Sámara. Many people take advantage of this deserted white sand retreat to snorkel with the colorful fish and explore the reef. You can reach the island by kayak or by boat. From Sámara you can visit three other beaches within 60 minutes by bicycle, and even faster by car. You could visit a different beach every day without having to drive for hours!

As for the amenities the town can offer, Sámara is jam packed with attractive hotels, restaurants, and bars. The locals live in harmony with tourists, keeping the place clean and authentic along with the comforts of home. With places to stay for all different budgets, from hostels to five star hotels, Sámara has it all. For more information about the hotels, see our specific page with descriptions of your options! Sámara is also home to several different schools, creating a younger “student-feel” vibe. The students of the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy, the Intercultura Language School, a TESL Certification course, and a couple of surf schools contribute to much of the nightlife scene.


Samara Beach

Guanacaste Province, where Samara beach is located, is known for its sunny days and balmy nights. The average temperature is a warm 83 F! The rainy season begins in May and ends around November. During this time, the days usually begin sunny, and the clouds arrive in the afternoon. The coolest months are from November through January, and the warmest from March through May. Even at night, the temperature rarely drops below 73 F.

Samara Beach is an ideal place to vacation in both the rainy and dry seasons. In the dry season, you might never see a drop of rain, giving you tons of opportunity to arrive home with a killer tan, while taking advantage of all the water activities available to you! In the rainy season, it doesn´t rain quite as much as you might expect, you nearly always see the sun in the mornings, and the much needed moisture has the environment around you exploding in vibrant green and brilliantly colored flowers.
Over one third of all National Parks and wildlife reserves in Costa Rica are in Guanacaste! Turtle nesting sites, refuges for migrating birds, breathtaking caves, and the largest protected tropical dry forest in the world, are all within reach from Samara Beach. Beauty such as this can be appreciated rain or shine!


Samara Beach

Here´s a breakdown of the surfing options closest to Sámara Beach


Surf while watching an amazing sunset from this nearby beach. Best time to surf is a few hours before high tide.


This beach is infamous for being near Mel Gibson´s property, you can see the entrance to his estate from the beach. As for the waves, they are strong and the best conditions are at high tide.


Nice beach break that is surrounded by rocks. This break is very consistent and offers surf year round. Best conditions from the south, or southwest, at low tide.


Guiones has a beach break with a left point that works better at high tides and early in the morning. This area offers some of the most consistent year round surf ranging from head high to double overhead and much less crowded than the Tamarindo area. Nosara has a great beach break with peaks and shallow rock reef lefts that get barrelling with a large south or southwest swell.

Other beaches to try in the surrounding area: Playa Pelada, Ostional